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Blue Dog Property Management

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Welcome to Blue Dog Property Management!


Please review criteria below prior to information requests or submitting applications for one of our rental homes. All person(s) 18 years of age or older will be required to complete applications individually. An application fee of $30.00 per applicant will be due at the time the application is submitted and is non-refundable. Applications will be automatically denied if fee is not submitted at time of application submittal.



Tenant Qualification Requirements:



  •  A minimum (1) one year of employment is required and employment documentation is to be submitted to Blue Dog Property Management for verification. 

  • Proof of income for the last (3) three months indicating earnings for "Year To Date" is required. 

  • Blue Dog Property Management can accept documents such as signed tax returns, 1099’s or bank statements for the last three (3) months that provide evidence of regular income if an applicant is self employed or retired.

  • Blue Dog Property Management will require an "accepted offer letter" or "employment contract" which includes income verification and employment start date if employment is pending due to a move or transfer with employer.



  • Applicants must have a combined income that meets or exceeds (3) three times the monthly rent amount. 

  • All income sources such as: social security, child support, spousal support, DSHS income, retirement income, grants or loans if you are attending college, and housing vouchers must be sent to Blue Dog Property Management for verification with check stubs or monthly statements. 

  • Acceptable Documents include the following: 

    • (3) three full months current employer paystubs, showing "Year To Date" earnings.

    • "Accepted offer letter" or "employment contract" signed by all parties including income verification and employment start date. 

    • Signed tax return and proof of current business in operation for current calendar year.

    • Statements from government payments including disability or social security benefits.

    • Court orders for child support or spousal support income. 

    • Statements of income verification from investments or trust funds.


Previous Residence and/or Rental History: 

  • Verifiable residence history for at least (3) three years is required. 

  • Addresses indicated on the credit report must match residences listed on the rental application submitted to Blue Dog Property Management.

  • Breached lease contracts, evictions, or eviction filings will NOT be accepted.


Credit History: 

  • A credit report and background screening will be completed on all applications to verify credit worthiness. Credit score should be at minimum a 620 score; however, this does not guarantee approval. 

  • Bankruptcy history is acceptable if credit has been re-established and good credit history is indicated within the past (12) twelve months. 

  • Applicants with active bankruptcies, unpaid liens or child support will be automatically denied.


Criminal History: 

  • A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant and occupant age 18 years of age or older. 

  • Applicant will be rejected for any of the following reported criminal related reasons that have occurred: 

    • All violent crimes including misdemeanors.

    • Any terrorist related conviction. 

    • Any illegal drug related conviction.

    • Any prostitution related conviction.

    • Any sex crimes related conviction.

    • Any "cruelty to animals" related conviction.

    • Active status on probation or parole resulting from any of the above.


Guarantors (Co-Signers) will be accepted: 

  • A guarantor will be accepted if an applicant does not meet the income, credit or rental history criteria. 

  • The guarantor’s income must be equal to at minimum (2) two times the monthly rent amount of the property being applied for. 

  • The guarantor will also be required to pay an application fee and submit all documentation required to submit an application individually.



  • The maximum number of pets is two (2) two per home.

  • There is a $250.00 Pet Deposit requirement for each animal applied for.

  • Approved applicants agree to comply with all community policies and will be required to sign a separate "Pet Addendum" while also submitting the Pet(s) deposit.


Applicants will be automatically denied for any fraudulent information submitted.


Security Deposit and Approved Applications: 

  • Applicants approved for a property are required to sign a lease contract for the property no later than (3) three business days from the time of application approval.

  • Security deposit is equal to the amount of rent for the property being applied for. 

  • The security deposit on the home has to be paid within (3) three days of the lease contract being completely executed.  Security deposits that are not paid after the (3) three day time frame will be put back on the market and released to other applicants.

  • Homes are leased on a "first come; first served" basis with approved application and security deposit payment made prior to move in date. 

  • Lease contracts on homes that are vacant at the time of lease signing must start leases with (15) fifteen days of the security deposit being received by Blue Dog Property Management. 

  • If a lease contract is canceled before move in applicant will automatically forfeit the security deposit. 

  • Before signing a lease contract, it is very important that each person(s) on the lease contract read the lease in its entirety and contact Blue Dog Property Management with any questions or concerns. 

  • Each individual tenant will be required to have renters' insurance; if proof of insurance is not provided (3) three days before the move in date an insurance fee of $19.50 will be charged to the respective tenant that first month and each month thereafter until proof of insurance is provided to Blue Dog Property Management.

Any deviation from the above stated criteria will be at the sole discretion of Blue Dog Property Management and the property Owner.













7 Halsted Circle, Suite 114, Roger, AR  72756

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